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Another word for hypothesis Synonyms for hypothesis - Thesaurus Peirce held that, as a matter of research method, an explanatory hypothesis is judged and selected by being testable and by further factors in the economy of hypotheses: low cost, intrinsic value (instinctive naturalness and reasoned likelihood), and relations (caution, breadth, and incomplexity) among hypotheses, inquiries, etc. Peirce seldom used the phrase "working hypothesis," but he once commented about a related kind of a hypothesis that it was "a hypothesis, which like the working hypothesis of a scientific inquiry, we may not believe to be altogether true, but which is useful in enabling us to conceive of what takes place." The history of science also shows that when hypotheses have been taken to be finally true and hence unquestionable, they have obstructed inquiry and kept science committed to doctrines that later turned out to be invalid. Hypothesis synonyms noun A belief used as the basis for action theory. See belief, thoughts.

Working hypothesis - definition of working hypothesis by The Free. Words that rhyme with hypothesis How do you pronounce the word hypothesis? Define working hypothesis. working hypothesis synonyms, working hypothesis pronunciation, working hypothesis translation, English dictionary definition of.

Hypothesis Synonyms Collins English Thesaurus - Collins Dictionary In the non-scientific world, the word is used a lot more loosely. Synonyms of hypothesis The official Collins English Thesaurus online. Over 1 million synonyms and antonyms with quotations and translations to other.

Hypothesis définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge Agreement measures the extent to which two sets of scores (e.g., scores obtained from two raters) are identical. Hypothesis définition, snification, qu'est ce que hypothesis an idea or explanation for something that is based on known facts but has not yet been. En savoir.

Contrary to my hypothesis WordReference Forums Sentences with the word hypothesis What is the meaning of the word hypothesis? Hola! como puedo decir Contrary to my hypothesis, in different words?

Working hypothesis - pedia A hypothesis is a statement that attempts to explain a set of facts. A working hypothesis is a hypothesis that is provisionally accepted as a basis for further research in the hope that a tenable theory will be produced, even if the.

What is another word for hypothesis? - Word Hippo In content://media/external/file/413 view, the working hypothesis is generated, not directly as a testable statement of, but instead in order to "direct inquiry into channels in which new material, factua2l and conceptual, is disclosed, material which is more relevant, more wehted and confirmed, more fruitful, than were the initial facts and conceptions which served as the point of departure". For hypothesis? Here's a list of synonyms for this word. What is the meaning of the word hypothesis? Words that rhyme with. Words starting with hypothesis

Hypotheses Synonyms, Hypotheses Antonyms It forms the basis for an experiment that is desned to test whether it is true. Synonyms for hypotheses at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

Hypothesis - Dictionary Definition Close 90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7,500 words in speech and writing. In science, a hypothesis is an idea or explanation that you then test through study and experimentation. Outside science, a. Synonyms possibility, theory.

Hypothesis Synonyms and 82 Hypothesis Antonyms in. Agreement involves a more stringent matching of two variables than does covariation, which implicitly allows one to change the mean (by adding a constant) and/or to change the variance (by multiplying by a constant) for either or both variables before checking the match. A particular form of distribution of two variables that has the traditional "bell" shape (but not all bell-shaped distributions are normal). HYPOTHESIS Thesaurus synonyms and antonyms by Power Thesaurus. Top voted out of 406 Synonyms are theory, assumption and conjecture.

A synonym for "possible hypothesis" in academic context - English. A hypothesis is something more than a wild guess but less than a well-established theory. As the word "hypothesis" keeps appearing over and over in my current draft, I am looking for some synonym to break this monotony. The French.

Synonyms and Antonyms for hypothesis When perfect bivariate normality obtains, the distribution of one variable is normal for each and every value of the other variable. For example, in an analysis of how demographic factors (age, sex, education, etc.) relate to wage rates, monty earnings mht first be adjusted to take account of (i.e., remove effects attributable to) number of hours worked, which in this example would be the covariate. A variable which the analyst is trying to explain in terms of one or more independent variables. For example, the four-category variable Region (Northeast, Southeast, Central, West) could be the basis for a two-category dummy variable that would distinguish Northeast from all other regions. For example, if the interaction of two independent variables is included in an explanatory model, then the main effects for both of those variables are also included in the model. A situation in which the variance on a dependent variable is the same (homogeneous) across all levels of the independent variables. When interaction is present, simple additive ques are inappropriate; hence interaction is sometimes thought of as absence of additivity. A scale consisting of equal-sized units (dollars, years, etc.) On an interval scale the distance between any two positions is of known size. A variable which is postulated to be a predictor of one or more dependent variables, and simultaneously predicted by one or more independent variables. A relationship is linear if the effect on a dependent variable is a change in one unit in an independent variable/ is the same for all possible such changes. Two (or more) samples selected in such a way that each case (e.g., person) in one sample is matched--i.e., identical within specified limits--on one or more reselected characteristics with a corresponding case in the other sample. Hypothesis n. a tentative insht into the natural world; a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena. Synonyms.

Glossary - MicrOsiris A detective mht have a hypothesis about a crime, and a mother mht have a hypothesis about who spilled juice on the rug. Causal model or to test a particular hypothesis. Synonym criterion variable. See also INDEPENDENT VARIABLE, DEPENDENT VARIABLE. DESN MATRIX.

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