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The Onion" Satire - Matt Gottstine's AP Lang Portfolio Hydrogen is number one Cause hydrogen is what puts the shine in the sun Through nuclear fusion and when it’s done It leaves element number two: Helium Helium is the second lhtest gas that there is So we use it in balloons we give to little kids Then there’s lithium often used to treat mental problems Beryllium don’t conduct electric currents, it stops them Boron can be used to make things harden And that smoke that’s coming out of your exhaust, carbon Carbon is arguably the most important element And nitrogen in the air is almost ehty percent The rest of the air is mainly oxygen And fluorine is the lhtest of the halogens Living as we do in technologiy triumphant times, we are inclined to view interstellar spaceflht as a cal challenge, like breaking the sound barrier or climbing Mount Everest – something that will no doubt be difficult but feasible, given the rht resources and resourcefulness. The <i>Onion</i>
Matt Gottstine Mr. Neden AP Lang 21 January 2015 Analysis Essay #3 In the mock press release from “The Onion” the writers satirizes how companies market their.

Onion Satire FRQ and Range at South Houston. That point through other ways to explore the universe. The hh cost of interstellar spaceflht suggests that the payloads carried between the stars… It is much more affordable to send a grapefruit-sized probe than the starship . <u>Onion</u> Satire FRQ and Range at South Houston.
Onion Satire FRQ and Range at South Houston Hh School *. Get started today for free. * The material on this site is.

AP Essay Review The Onion - The writer manipulates polysyllabic diction, hyperbole, and irony to mock the dramatic effect taken when marketers make these ridiculous advertisements that complete the plan. AP <i>Essay</i> Review The <i>Onion</i> -
AP Essay Review The Onion. MagnaSoles and their "total foot rejuvenation system" continue to prop their product up on a pedestal of false claims and incorrect facts.

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